Monday, December 3, 2018

Dark Days to Major Blessings: Make the Most of the Holidays.

The holiday season has officially begun with Happy Hanukkah yesterday, and even though we are technically still in the last several days of autumn, it feels like we've already entered into Winter with the days getting shorter and darker. 
Winter Solstice is December 20th, then Christmas then New Year's! Do you add any personal or family holidays to that list? 
​​​​Now we have a new opportunity to embrace the darkness. 
While the holiday buzz fills our lives, we are still settling into the darkness even if we try to deny it or frantically move through it. We are flowing with nature regardless. . . so why not invoke this organic part of our nature? 
The winter-holiday-darkness-time is truly a season of major blessings - available only if you let yourself lean into it with an open heart. (Rather than getting caught up in the year-end rush of "everything", or even getting caught up in negative judgements of too-cold, or too-dark, or commercialism, or family dramas or wounds from the past. . . . )

What could possibly be the benefit of this darkness?  
  • You get a nice release/letting go of whatever you don't need anymore. 
  • You get to be with yourself at a whole new level. 
  • You get a new understanding of your energy and desires from WITHIN. 

Now is the most opportune time to stand up for your FUTURE SELF and clear any level of clutter in the way. Don't forget emotional clutter. Mindset clutter. Old beliefs clutter. This is purposeful since you'll want to embrace the light when it comes, by owning your power now. 
Darkness time is right on for planting the seeds that evolve your future growth. It's a beautiful part of an unchangeable cycle. I think this is partly why we naturally begin the excitement of planning our "new year". 
The best way to take advantage of this part in our seasonal cycle is to look for what you most want to shed or get out of your way FOR GOOD. And to make this effective, you want to have clarity for what you want in the new year, what passions you will share and what part of your purpose you will express.  What are you doing (what actions will you take?) to support yourself during this important work? 
Want to explore further? Ask about my Special Holiday Coaching Package. 
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Friday, July 6, 2018

My 10 Principles to Love Your Life

My TEN Principles to LOVE YOUR LIFE

1. Trust your gut always. 

Meaning NEVER give in to self DOUBT. . . I'd rather make a mistake trusting my gut, than not trusting it. 

2. Own your fear.  

Meaning take responsibility for being fearful instead of acting like you are fine, or good, or cool. . . I'd rather receive the strength that comes from absolute honesty regarding fears than miss jumping into freedom by editing myself.  

3. Trust actions not words. 

Meaning, people show you who they are louder than their stories about who they are. . . I'd rather feel confident with someone by walking the talk than talking the walk.   

4. Make your #1 priority on HEALTH.  

Meaning feeling good is the foundation for everything.  I'd rather be grateful for EVERYTHING than not feeling good enough to enjoy anything. 

5. When in doubt, ask: "is this toward my inspiring future OR toward stuck in the past?" 

Meaning, choose to see what moves you forward so you create from that perspective.  I'd rather watch a new episode than sleep through re-runs. 

6. If you are loved by someone, you can never be rejected.  

Meaning, you must proceed AS IF you are completely loved, giving yourself full permission to go/do/and be your best. I'd rather act courageously on my desires than wish something was different so THEN I could have what I want.

7. Be vulnerable. 

Meaning, express the authentic parts of yourself first and always. I'd rather get the ♥prize♥ for taking a risk than the emptiness of my ego resting in the comfort zone. 

8. Whatever it is that you want, give it away. 

Meaning 100% of the time we are projecting something onto others through our judgements and unmet needs. I'd rather BE the presence of a trusting partner than find ways to prove the point that trusting partners should act certain ways.  

9. Make room for contrast and welcome the polarity.  

Meaning you can be a bitch and a lover all in one. Meaning you are messy and on fire. Meaning you are brilliant, and you are spaced out. Meaning you are all of it, no judgements, only choice. I'd rather have a full spectrum of truth that activates epic self-acceptance, than a half-assed attempt at a persona that leaves me feeling spent.  Choose to lay down the mask and let your fully beautiful imperfect self shine bright. 

10. Feeling abandoned is a call for self love. 

Meaning, the feeling is YOURS and you are the only one in charge of your own experience, no matter what "they" did or didn't do.  I'd rather shift my energy from the victim zone into the fulfillment zone than make the other person wrong for what I'm feeling. 


"Do Things Differently"
Original Art by Jenifer Novak Landers
Certified Chopra Center Coach
Life Coach

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Your Dreams!

What is your favorite way to make the most of summertime? 

Each season brings unique opportunities for our personal growth.  Winter might bring you deeper inside yourself, as you take time to slow down, stay warm, and reflect in the shorter days. Spring and Summer might bring your soul toward outward expression, seeing more of who you are in action or in response to light and energy and warmth. Summer has a feeling of "time off".  Winter has a feeling of "hunkering down".  

How you embrace or resist parts of each season is a reflection of how you embrace or resist other key areas of your life. There is much to learn about yourself through raising awareness in the different seasonal energies. 

How will you fully express your SUMMER?  Everything is fresh in summertime. Food is fresh, living is easier or cleaner or simpler. Sunshine is abundant and activates the playful side. Summertime can be an intermission for the whole year - a time for a break or refreshment.  

What have you been taught about summertime? What have you adopted as your own summertime traditions? Do they need updating? Are you setting yourself up to make the most out of summer? 

What if summer is your greatest opportunity to manifest your dreams. Would it be refreshing to think that aligning with the energy of summer could make these next few months the most productive of your entire year? Simply by practicing the more powerful tools of manifestation such as ALLOWING.  LETTING GO.  SELF-CARE.  MANAGING YOUR ENERGY. 

Think back to your new year's gumption and the vision you had for an incredibly wonderful year. What if SUMMER is the time you make the most progress on fulfilling these desires? Simply by embracing all that summer truly is. 

Give yourself a fresh outlook. 

Investing in a coaching program during the summertime might be your perfect structure. 
What would you intend for yourself as you stand in mid-September, looking back on the best summer of your life, and feeling on top of your game?  How you do this summer will be how you do everything. Make it the best it can be. Challenge your growth. Inspire your soul. 

Connect with me for a summertime coaching stratgegy. 

Why I Love Coaching

I love coaching because I get to support and witness people on their journey. I feel like I am being of service. Coaching is my chance to experience someone's transformation. 

When people come into deeply knowing and loving themselves, this is transformation. It's like a homecoming. It's like finding an outfit to wear that allows more comfort and ease than you've ever felt. Even if it feels "wierd" to put it on at first. . . 

Coaching is about learning your patterns, your moods, your values, your shadows and your light. There is so much to explore in the inner landscape. I love the tools coaching provides to help raise awareness of how our mind is working, how our thoughts are influencing and how we can make choices to empower ourselves through managing our thoughts. 

Learning to stay with yourself when it gets uncomfortable is a huge piece in the transformation process. Coaching gives you the opportunity. Our coaching relationship allows you to hold yourself even more closely and tenderly when you don’t stay with yourself. 

I love the ways I can build trust as a coach. It's an honor to work in a space of trust with another human having a spiritual experience. 

You get to examine all of the things you were taught as part of your life path, your evolution, your culture.  You get to use your own guidance and inner wisdom to keep what serves you and release what doesn't. 

I love the results of reflecting upon your place in the world and your communities, and learning how you can be a stronger expression of love in action. And as well, a stronger RECEIVER of love in action. 

I love coaching conversations that are the interplay between inner and outer, reflection and expression, insight and action. It can feel like a dance with the best version of yourself. 

If you find something here to love or get excited about, use your gumption to make something happen and take yourself closer to your desires.  If you interest in being coached is ignited, take the step to have a conversation with me about your journey and what you need to enjoy the ride even more.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Give Goal Setting a Sexier Name

Path Finding? Abundance Management? Seed Planting? 

Do you ever resist certain words or names? If I hear, “Let’s set some goals.” Or, “Have you written down your goals?” I start to glaze over and go out-of-body. . . You lost me at "GOALS." That word just doesn't resonate with me. I love the idea of goals. . . but let's give it a sexier name! 

Words are powerful, and we need to name things in ways that turn us on. 
Words can empower or disempower.  Communication is tricky when it comes to making sure we have shared meanings. We want to be effective at making connections through words. Our INNER communication is no different. 

If you want results, but aren’t making progress, a good first step is to notice whether or not the name or term is resonating with you.

I have a client that resisted “goal setting” like a dreaded jail sentence. She was contrary to any suggestion regarding setting a goal, and consistently opposed it. Yet, her passion for change and progress was a priority. Instead of wasting time inviting her to embrace the power of setting goals, I took her on a scenic detour into semantics. 

Replace "Goal Setting" with "Seed Planting".  
Does this word feel attractive and empowering? 
Or does the word "planting seeds" evoke resistance?  

Thankfully, she loves gardening. We were on the way to fulfilling her desires.  

Take charge of calling it what you want. Name it with an attraction to your soul. Frame it with a feeling of sexy, savvy or sweetness. That’s the only way it will work for YOU and open the door to achieving your desires.

Ask yourself, "How do I name this for ME?" Activate your own mojo. No one else will.

Check your INTENTION first. Notice if your intention is to create positive change for yourself. Perhaps it’s to create a structure that holds you accountable for getting where you want to be. Maybe your intention is to set the tone for some much needed growth in your life. Now you can start to see openings for new ways to name the process.  

9 New Words for “Goal Setting”

Path Finding. 
Inner Landscaping. 
Clearing the Way. 
Milestone Markers. 
Target Practice.
Conjuring Desires.
Fulfillment Strategy.
Seed Planting.
Abundance Management.

Which names feel like FUN? 
Which names activate positive feelings? 

Can you imagine the thrill of hitting a bullseye? Take the archery perspective with the words “target practice” and enjoy the process of clear sight on a target, taking aim for that target and doing your best to hit it. Whether you visualize bow and arrow, or darts, or water balloons. . . you get to create it. You get to use your new-found positive perspective as fuel in your personal tank.

My favorite name for my goals is “Abundance Management.” Now there’s an operative assumption. I can start with an abundant mindset and outline the steps to keep it going. I’m on track with whole new perspective.

No matter what your emotional relationship to the words "GOAL SETTING", 

figure out how to make it work for your unique style and personality by naming it on your own terms.

Next you can use this empowering technique for other issues in your life. 

A popular approach to happiness is the practice of “LETTING GO”.  How do those words resonate with you? Maybe you’d rather call it a beautiful release. If you ask my sister, she will fervently resist anything related to “Surrender”.  She prefers the word “softening” much more than surrendering. Choose your words and enjoy the process.

New words inspire new conversations. Often, all that’s needed for transformation is a new approach, a new way of showing up. Taking charge of how you name things is a grand first step.  

Schedule a "goal setting session" with Jenifer, by telling me what YOU call it.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Are helping someone (or yourself) who is suffering?

Suffering is rising right now considering the flurry of devastation and the increasing angst in our political realm. And more. To say the least. . . and I'm doing soul-searching about the feelings of suffering and the mindset of suffering, to look for the best perspective I can hold.  

This morning in my meditation I imagined an angel coming down and informing me that all I am suffering about can be used for a greater purpose. Here's the perspective I now have, after letting this meditation settle.  

First, my mind ran through the familiar list of tactics and tools for dealing with suffering. How to support yourself, and how to support others with things to say and do. This is fine. But I want more. I want a deeper reveal so I can feel grounded in the bigger picture. 

I want to see the spiritual solution for everything I touch and feel connected to this suffering. I went through several mental explorations and they all landed back to the one place of just letting the voice of this angel ring true: I am the one who makes the suffering mean anything. I get to choose every moment what I make it mean, what I do with it, how I let it inform me or activate me. 

Ok then.  My job is to let go of everything else but being present to it and being in charge of my relationship to it. And I see that if I want to support others in their experiences of suffering I can do the same thing. Be present with them, be present with their experience of suffering, and choose every moment what I make it mean, what I do with it and how I let it inform me or activate me. 

If I want to, I can ask them questions to learn how they are seeing this for themselves. That's it. Because what if it's not about suffering, but more about the experience of letting go?  

So how are you doing with your experience of letting go? Are you resisting, are you detaching, are you embracing, are you allowing, are you playing with it? I'm doing better. Sometimes the suffering tips me over and I go into feeling so sorry for myself. Then it passes, and I bounce. . . Are you willing to be brave and go deeper into it? I send you love and strength. And gratitude for all these things coming right back to my own heart.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Six Signs Self-Love is Thriving

Six Signs Self-Love is Thriving

1.  You Love Yourself FIRST.  Above all else. And most importantly, you stand proudly in this reality.  No editing your self-loving commentary. No adjusting or compromising your self-loving choices. Being proud to put yourself #1.

2.  You GIVE love to yourself FIRST.  The story of the oxygen mask appearing on an airplane when there's a crisis never gets old. . . the point being: Put it on yourself first in order to be of any value to anyone, including yourself.  Your thriving priority is always thinking to in this style. You give yourself what you need first. Then, and only then, are you able to be there for others. Or give to others. 

3.  You choose Self-Love as your Guide Post.  Any choice you make, any behavior or any thought you engage in MUST BE aligned with self-love. You do this as a habit and you know it's not a choice to choose anything else.  What is the opposite of Self-Love? Let's call it being stuck or beating yourself up. Use this simple question when it comes to choosing self-love as your guide post:  Will this choice/thought/behavior bring me the experience of self-love or will it bring me the experience of beating my self up? There is no in-between. Everything is one or the other. Continue noticing where you choose self-love or where you choose beating yourself up, and give yourself a reset button so you can choose self-love every time. 

4.  Your self-love is fully expressed.  Not partially expressed. Not half way expressed. Not diminished to fit in. Not compromised to make room for pleasing another. . . Your commitment to loving yourself FULLY shines through like a huge beam of light. And you do this as second nature, because you are fueled by the knowledge of how profoundly this serves everyone around you. Because you get the power of igniting the self-love fire in others simply by keeping your own flame burning brightly. 

5.  You're up for the ultimate challenge:  To reach mastery with self-care. It's a badge of honor well worth earning. It's monumental work, and it's hard work. And if you focus with intention, it can also flow with ease.  You know that the cost of what is holding you back from stepping fully into this far exceeds what you can afford any longer. Yet you find yourself sabotaging anyway. . . so you say YES to the challenge. It's about upleveling your self-awareness so that you can notice each moment and make the choices that break you free. 

6. You can glimpse the celebration party.  You can imagine yourself luxuriating in the goodness of being Priority One - and you can see the happy dance in action.  Let yourself feel into this.  Emotions and good feelings (that are all guilt free) will feed your momentum toward this new and bold expression of yourself FILLED with the contagious light of a self-loving heart. 

Take action on one of these priorities this week, and bask in the gifts of self-love. 

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